Monday, January 19, 2009

So, how did I begin this? Why Shortbreads?

Upon moving to the United States in 1996, I simply made them for friends,after all thats what my mum did. I can remember the Friday evenings before my birthday parties (always on a sat !) The smell coming from the kitchen was delicious. Trays of IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREAD cooling on the wire racks. I couldn't wait for the next part.....icing them.! Pink,that was the colour I wanted. Then they were sliced and placed on serving platters. Needless to say they were a huge hit. These became a signature at our birthday parties. Sometimes,mum layered them with caramel and finally laced them with melted chocolate. My mum was and still is a wonderful cook,as were both my grandmothers.. Cooking for the family was as much a part of the day as was taking care of the kids. For that ,I am eternally grateful.

I too, began to make them for every special ocassion. I lived in Dallas until 2000 and then spent 2 very memorable years in Chicago. Soon after,we were transferred back to Dallas! Now both my kids were in school,and lunching was not on my radar for extra curricular activity. So I began a catering you do !!
Rutherfords Interior Design Store, on Lovers Lane in Dallas was one of my clients.
I was to do a High tea for their clients . I did. The shortbreads were a hit. I remember people asking if they could buy them. Robert Rutherford came to me and said that if I made them,he would be my first customer. And true to his word,the gentleman that he is,he was indeed my first customer.

The journey from Kitchen to shelf is quite another one..........