Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today, celebrations have been planned in Dublin at exactly 17.59. Why this time? Well, glasses will be raised to celebrate the historical signing of Guinness' lease at St James Gate,Dublin in 1759.
Arthur Guinness secured its lease for 9,000 years at a cost of 45pounds per annum!
Guinness is now owned by the Multinational company Diageo and they have dubbed today "Arthurs Day" to commemorate 250 years since Arthur Guinness went into business.
Once upon a time, Guinnes used the slogan "Guinness is Good For You"
Nowadays they cannot use that . Since then people have collected old memorabilia from the early 1920's. The original campaign stemmed from market research when people told them that they felt good after a pint!
However, there is some evidence that it is indeed good for you although they cannot , as a drink company say that. It has been proven that there are "antioxidant compounds" that help with heart health .
When I was growing up in Ireland my grandmother told me that they were advised as pregnant and nursing mothers to have a glass of this stout. Not so today!!
However, if you have not made a stew without Guinness, then you simply have not lived.
Simply put it is delicious.

I make mine with Stewing Beef, Onions,Carrots,rutabagas,Turnips,Parsnips and 2 cans of Guinness.
I make my potatoes separately , by boiling,and mashing because they will only break down and become mealy in the stew. Mashed Potatoes served with GUINNESS STEW is simply the best.