Thursday, July 30, 2009


So people, today is believe it or not 'National Cheesecake Day'! Yup, thats correct. Not sure when it began or who came up with the idea, all I know is that today July 30th is the day.
There are so many variations. Cheesecake dates back to 776 BC, where small cheesecakes were served at the 1st Olympic Games. When the Romans conquered Greece, they brought their recipe back with them, making versions known as 'Placenta' and 'Libum'.

Fast Forward to the time of the Tudors in England, 1545, recipes can be found in cookbooks for this tasty treat. The Italians like to use Ricotta Cheese,The French,Neufchatel.....and New York style cheesecake tends to use Cream Cheese. Whichever way you like it....then its good !

Last year,whilst working in Minnesota, I made Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake,using my own Irish Butter Shortbreads, (RACHEL GAFFNEY'S TRADITIONAL IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREADS) It was a hit. I also made one on the morning show "SHOWCASE MINNESOTA" In this tv segment I showed how I like to have the crack in my cheesecake.
Who cares? Why does it have to be perfect? Nothing ever is.....We have been conditioned to have ALL FOOD look perfect... Below is a clip explaining how to make the cheesecake and also how beautiful it looks NATURALLY........