Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Every day should have it's golden moment. Millions of tea drinkers all over the world know this very well indeed. It is in fact the tag line for 'Barry's Irish Tea'. Founded in 1901 by Cork man James J BArry, it remains to be run by the Barry Family. Their tea is sourced from India, Kenya and Rwanda. Tea is a very important thread in the tapestry that is Ireland. Their tea and their adverts invite warmth into your life. Life throws many curve balls our way and when it does, the first thing you should do is have a cup of tea , nay a cup of 'Barry's Tea'. To some this may seem a little absurd to suggest such a thing. The ritual involved in making a proper pot of tea, sitting alone or with friends to enjoy this amber nectar induces a moment of relaxation. It is difficult not to feel just a little calmer as this tea warms you within. I asked people to submit photographs of their 'Wintery Moment' and the winners will receive a box of 'Barry's Irish Tea'

'BASILICA AT UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME' from Michael Low, Southbend, Illinois

'OUR FIRST SNOWFALL' from Diane Perry, Colbert, Georgia

'MOON PINK CLOUDS' from Patricia Shea,

'BUNNYCONNELANS IN THE SNOW' Cork, Ireland from Eamon O'Brien, Germany

'SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE' from Monica Tampa Bay, Florida