Sunday, December 6, 2009


When I joined the group DREAMERS INTO DOERS through the MARTHA STEWART SITE, I had no idea what was in store for me! All those months ago, I became a member of this group of over 3,800 amazing ladies. A site that promotes dreaming. If you can dream it, then you can surely do it !

As I joined various groups, popping in and out of conversations, looking at other womens web sites, one in particular caught my eye. DREAMERS GETTING TOGETHER started by none other than my now long distance good friend Jolene Mack. Jolene has a passion for the 1940's. This passion led her to open 'Quite The Stir' 1940's inspired bungalow in Gettysburg, PA. You can read her blog and check out her bungalow.

Also an event planner, Jolene thought it might be a nice idea for us Dreamers to get together in New York to meet. And so began the journey. A thread of emails and comments followed between some of us back in September. Back and forth we went coming up with ideas and suggestions as to when and how we should meet. How could we give back? Although all of us own our own businesses and still work hard and continue to strive, we also feel blessed to be able to do so.

So we contacted the producer of the Martha Stewart site, Alexis Tirado and asked if we could get tickets to attend the Martha Stewart show in New York as a group of Dreamers. And so we waited. Finally, the confirmation came through. Yes, we can have tickets to the show and we needed to finalise the number of Dreamers attending. Then along comes another Dreamer, already a member of the site, called Terry Grahl.
Terry began 'Enchanted Makeovers' a registered 501 (c)3 based in Michigan. Enchanted Makeovers transforms shelters for women and children into places of peace and possibilities. They believe that the women and children who go there shouldn't have to sleep in a place that looks like they feel. You must go and check out her site also.

This trip to New York has taken on a whole new life. It's simply wonderful. The meeting will now span over 2 days in Manhattan. We will all be visiting a womens shelter in New York and sharing our message of hope and giving back. The list of Dreamers is growing and by tomorrow we will have our final number of attendees for the fabulous ALEXIS TIRADO (Martha Stewart). From here, this amazing journey and trip will be documented. I intend on writing about this journey, featuring amazing Dreamers along the way. Our goal and dream is to fill a 26ft UHAUL with goodies for this shelter. We will travel to the shelter after the show and I will co-ordinate the Afternoon Tea for the shelter. We will have tours of the Martha Stewart Studios, offices and will be having Cooking Demos in her Kitchens ! My buddy and mentor Mike Michalowicz, aka 'The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur' will be coming to the Martha Stewart Omni Media offices to talk to the Dreamers about their businesses.
We will be looking for donations of PJ's, Blankets,Pillows,Cosmetics,Hairbrushes etc.
As we receive them, we will give a shout out on the sites as a way of thanking people and their businesses. Jolene, planner extraordinaire will be co-ordinating and Terry will be the Shelter Contact.
So, come follow me and the other Dreamers on this amazing journey to Manhattan in January 2010.
Below, is the release from the Martha Stewart site.