Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm not attempting to be a party pooper here....but people, CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE really isn't traditionally Irish ! Well of sorts. Corning beef was a way of salting beef long ago to preserve it. Again, the great City of Cork, (my hometown) was famous for its production of Corned Beef in the 1600's -1825. It was exported all over the world, mostly in cans. Beef was traditionally served as a delicacy,so ham (gammon) or bacon was more common in Ireland. In the mid 1800's when the Irish emigrated,they looked around for a similar bacon joint,couldn't find one and discovered Jewish Corned Beef. This was closer in texture. This is where the tradition of Corned Beef and Cabbage began.
Now SALMON, thats a whole different story. That is very common in Ireland. I qute literally grew up on this and loved it. It was always wild salmon and not farmed salmon. Big difference. Of course the famous BLACKWATER flowed right through Cork,onto Waterford entering the Atlantic via Youghal harbour. It originated in Kerry. This is the delight for Salmon fishermen.
Last Sunday I made salmon for my family and again used it in a completely different way on Monday. Thats being frugal !!!

So here it is"
Sunday: I grilled a salmon in fresh lemons,sea salt (a little) bay leaves and peppercorns. This we had with a nice salad.
Monday: SALMON CAKES......My kids LOVED THEM
You will need:

Mashed Potatoes
Cold Grilled Salmon
Cayenne Pepper
Green onions finely chopped
Bread Crumbs & Crushed Cornflakes

Chop up the salmon , in a bowl and add mashed potato,chopped green onions,cayenne pepper.
Mold into a ball then roll in bread crumbs & crushed cornflakes. Next lightly fry in olive oil,turning occassionally. Serve with mesculin mix. I also like to serve some Irish Soda Bread with this. Enjoy