Monday, October 26, 2009


Not so long ago, I joined a group called "Dreamers Into Doers" through MarthaStewart's web site. This has been a great place for me to meet other women who have , like me , started their own business. From here there are sub groups. One of which I have started, looking for Irish stories and experiences. The group I want to tell you all about today is the group of 17 of us that all want to meet together in New York sometime in January or February.

The plan is for us all to meet as a group of Female Entrepreneurs at the Martha Stewart Studios in Chelsea, New York. Makes sense, as we all met through her Omni Media site.
To do this of course, takes some considerable co-ordinating, to say the least.
North and South will meet East and West ! From here, my goal is to document this journey, along the way looking for help & advice and hopefully we can inspire other women to get up and just do what they love.

We have already requested tickets for the show and as soon as we secure these.....Wer'e off.................Oh and did I mention ? We are all TRUE ENTREPRENEURS, roughly translated we are doing this with little or no money ! Lets see how we can all help each other. I will start writing about all the members of the group, their journey,their business and how we are all helping each other. If you want to be updated, just register as a follower below and you will be informed. Lets continue dreaming and doing !..............
Slainte..........(Irish for your good health)

Rachel Gaffney