Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, I wrote about Molly Malone and her wares last week and wouldn't you know I somehow manged to show my own wares ! I entered a competition sponsored by the FOOD NETWORK & COLUMBIA CREST WINERY. The task here is to create a recipe inspired by a Columbia Crest Grand Estate Wine. The rules state that you must use at least Washington State ingredient. Having just written about Molly Malone and her cockles and mussels, it seemed only fitting that I cook with them. Well at least the mussels anyway........

I can't believe how an exercise like this just takes me tripping almost falling down memory lane. The Atlantic Coastline has an abundant supply of these mollusks. Of course , as a child ,roaming the beaches in Schull Co Cork, Ardmore,Co Waterford and Derrynane,Co Kerry I used to try to remove the mollusks with sharp rocks and simply try to skim the water with them,step on them or anything else rather than cherish them as I do now !

The beaches there are just endless. I always tell people here in the States,when going to Ireland ,not to go for the weather. If you get great weather then that is a bonus! Don't expect and you won't be disappointed. You don't visit Ireland for the weather ! You go for an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

So, last week armed with a home movie camera and a crazy friend of mine, Laura Vella, we embarked on our first production. The video is now uploaded on the FOODNETWORK SITE.


20 of the top recipes will be announced on June 18th. Then the public votes.
I think Laura was trying to liken me to the infamous "Molly Malone" . You may notice our similar attributes in the video...............