Monday, March 30, 2009


Blogging,writing is somehow cathartic for me. Its a way of starting or ending my day with some form of clarity. Clarity can sometimes be somewhat of an oxymoron for this Irish woman running her own business ! In a world filled with business plans , these can,literally suck the life from me !! funny but oh so true. Since starting my business I have taken the NIKE approach to it..."Just do it".... For me it works but not for all.

I trust my instincts . I wish more people would. I have trusted my own moral compass and let it guide me. I still have not paid myself and have even refused a few investors ....Some might think I'm crazy but there are reasons behind my decisions. I believe there is such a thing as THE RIGHT INVESTOR. Still looking for the right one. Although an investor would offer a safe haven by providing money,what happens after that? Are we on the same page? Does he/ she work with the same integrity? How does he/she treat other people? These are very real topics for me. They are equally as important , if not more important than Cost Of Goods, Sales, Budgets etc

Along the way,I have met people in business who are very good at what they do,without being rude. I say that without writing the words I really want to write !!! Such people are still successful. You DO NOT need to be on an almighty power trip. For me,I experience this regularly when I meet buyers. I understand they are buyers and ultimately DO have power but we can benefit each other. This should be viewed as a symbiotic relationship that can be built upon. Those that want instant gratification ultimately fail.

I feel it only right to point to some GREAT experiences. Once such client is in Minnesota. Lunds & Byerly's grocery chain in the Twin Cities. What a wonderful experience for me as a vendor. The experience ALL ROUND reflects the type of management that a company such as Lunds Food Holdings has. I knew this from the very first meeting I had with them. Now we all benefit from our relationship. I say RELATIONSHIP because I mean it. For me,working with them is such a pleasure. They have treated me well and with respect.

Lately I discovered "The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur" by Mike Michalowicz. Yes,I know I'm a little late to the party !!! However lately he writes about women being the latest wave of Entrepreneurs being the next wave of leaders. Mike talks about women INCLUDING whilst still competing (it is afterall business!) but growing at the same time. Check it out. Again, apologies for being so late !!!

Today I am menu planning for an Irish cooking class in Byerly's St Louis Park in April.
I also have to pay bills, negotiate with a distributor for Southern California, research new packaging for a large client around the U.S, send samples to a potential client in Upstate New York,filling out bio terrorism forms to accompany it,open a new bank account,have 1 appointment , then pick the kids up from school at 3.30,followed by Lacrosse practise and dinner and homework !!!! THATS THE REALITY OF RUNNING A BUSINESS...whilst all the time owning the worry and the debt,the sleepless nights and the countless stepping stones you have to cross to get to the other side, but somehow ploughing forward..............KNOWING & BELIEVING in why YOU started this business.