Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My father always said that the people that lived next door to the church had a tendency to be late for mass !!! I knew what he was saying...he was right. You take it for granted sometimes when it is right on your doorstep!
Now that I live in Dallas, I would love to have somewhere like KINSALE to take my kids to.
Sunday afternoon drives were extremely popular in my house when I was a kid. Dad,Mum my two sisters,my brother and myself begrudgingly piled in to the back of a four door sedan and drove 20minutes (often in the rain) to nearby Kinsale. Moaning and complaining that we had to spend even more time together, we drove to historic and beautiful KINSALE. As if like puppy dogs,upon arrival at CHARLES FORT,my father opened the car door and let us run ! He probably couldn't wait to get rid of us ! CHARLES FORT is a fine example of a 17th Century Star shaped Fort.
Now,KINSALE is the culinary capital of Ireland,with its numerous award winning restaurants. The town is twinned with ANTIBES (South of France). For golfers,THE OLD HEAD OF KINSALE is a must,with its majestic views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Kinsale is full of historical buildings,cobbled streets,wonderful pubs and restaurants and magnificent scenery.
Oh how I wish now that I lived next to the church !.............