Monday, January 5, 2009

Since moving to the US in 1996 I noticed that peoples perception of Ireland was not what I knew and know it to be. Movies like "Far & Away" and "The Quiet Man" still remain fresh on peoples minds!! Whilst there was a time and a place once upon a time,the Ireland that I was raised in was and is a very different Place. My hope is to take you somewhere that is beyond Green Beer and Cabbage !! This is intended to be a fun & informative site. I invite you to share your experiences and views with me and others. I will invite friends who are writers,cooks,cookbook authors,to write along with me sharing their experiences with you.

In 2004 I started RACHEL GAFFNEYS AUTHENTIC IRISH GOODS. My idea was to educate people about Ireland through my products and events.More about that later.....

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