Monday, February 9, 2009

Perhaps it is no accident that I am making a truely melt in your mouth shortbread, with, what I consider to be one of the finest butters in the world. Irish Butter. I mentioned that I was born and raised in Cork. Back in the late 1770's , Cork was home to the famous"Butter Exchange" This was the largest Butter markets in the world. Every morning the farmers would bring their butters to the market in wooden containers known as "Firkins". These were made of a really good hardwood, often oak. The butter was transported to tropical parts of the orld in these Firkins.

Now, you too, can enjoy the taste of Irish Butter. When I make my shortbreads, the butter and sugar is creamed first. It looks like golden sunshine in the mixing bowl. This butter makes the perfect shortbread. Melt in your mouth shortbreads . I am so proud of them that I have put my name on the box RACHEL GAFFNEYS TRADITIONAL IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREADS....

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