Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As some of you already know I was born and raised in Cork City. Then you will understand why I am feeling a little melancholic today. Ireland's oldest Stout Brewery located in the heart of Cork City is to close. Now in the hands of HEINEKEN,it will close its doors by the end of May.

I remember this place well. This 4 acre site is to be sold once it is decommissioned in a year or so. BEAMISH & CRAWFORD was founded in 1792 by William Beamish and William Crawford.
It was an existing brewery when they bought it and had been there since 1650,although whilst growing up in Cork, many historians there say it dates as far back as possibly 1500 !!

It is said to be the most ancient porter brewery in Ireland. Irish or Dry stout is a dark ale. The word stout also meaning strong,refered to the strength of the ale. 'Leann Dubh',is the Irish for 'Black Ale'

Located near the South Gate Bridge,in the medieval part of Cork City,I sincerely hope that this place will be preserved. The National Conservation & Heritage Group,has in the past had success in persuading GUINNESS to develop the GUINNESS STOREHOUSE in Dublin. I pray they have the same success in Cork with BEAMISH & CRAWFORD. They want the owners...HEINEKEN to develop a micro-brewery style tourist attraction there. Perhaps by passing this information along, the viral marketing magic of the web may help. This Cork woman is also concerned and would love to see this preserved and hold on to the historic Tudor Counting House.

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