Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last night I met a lady from California. She was telling me that she and her family were applying for citizenship for her mother. They hail from Sligo and Cork. Its funny that to be in a country this size with a population of over 250million people, almost everyone I speak to has an Irish connection ! I wonder will my youngest,the only one of us born in the United States,be as excited as the people I meet want to connect to his Irish roots? Why?
My youngest couldnt be prouder of being American and frequently likes to point that out !!


  1. Hi Rachel~It's Vickie Fraser, I assisted you at a couple of the classes that you did at Byerly's in Minnesota. I wanted to let you know that my husband & I are going to Dublin on 4/04. Do you have any suggestions for things we should be sure to check out? We are very excited.I look forward to seeing you in MN again soon~Vickie

  2. Vickie
    I just received your post...
    Dont forget to check out TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN,located off Grafton Street,its a treat. You can see the BOOK OF KELLS there.
    Check out the GUINNESS building,get a great view of the city..I'm up in St Louis Park April 20th.....