Monday, April 13, 2009


Real Ireland....My Real Ireland.........
I was educated by the nuns, the Ursuline nuns to be more precise. I can remember each and every one of them like it was yesterday ! One nun in particular was called Sr Rosario. We called her "Sarge" as she walked like a Seargent ! Bless her heart. She was indeed a kind and sweet lady.
Its a little difficult to be taught by nuns that also taught your mother before you, especially if your'e mother was a good student and was always well behaved ! Yes, that was me. Sarge had also known my mum.....
The day came when Sarge talked to our class about vocations. Here we all were listening intently about joining the convent. I could think of nothing less that I would like to do. However,if god was calling you then you had to listen. She talked about hearing his call and that you must do his will. Now I was confused. I didn't want to be a nun. But,if God was calling me,being a good catholic, I just couldn't refuse. How did I know if he were calling me ? I knew it wasn't going to be an invitation in the mail !
I waited until after class. I was racked with guilt at knowing I couldn't ignore his call but now all my plans for the future were going up in smoke ! I asked Sarge how I would know. What were the signs? I knew the catholic church was in desperate need of fresh blood.
Sarge told me this........
"If you THINK you hear God calling.... he's away"
She said this with a knowing wink and smile.......I think she knew me only all too well !!!

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