Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This morning, I was already thinking about what I would make for dinner tonight.Full day. Sprinklers being repaired. Board meeting at noon. Working on casino night for HELPS INT charity event. Finalising business plan and pick the kids up from school. All by 3.30 !! Typical day in American Life!!
So, to put a twist on my day, I need to return to my roots. Simple & Basic. That being said,have you noticed how ORGANIC and ALL NATURAL are vogue ! I was watching a segment on grass fed beef the other day. How this was better for you !! Do any of you remember the fable "The Emperors New Clothes?" Written by the Dane ,Hans Chrsitian Andersen. The little boy who watched the King parade naked? "But he's naked?"......Well this is how I have felt for years... I am that little boy! COME ON PEOPLE....Do we really need scientists and researchers to tell us this? Didn't your mother or grandmother ever teach you anything??? FRESH IS BEST.....
I wonder what Hans would think today?
With that vein of thought,thinking about fresh,this is the season for berries. All kinds of wonderful berries. For me,growing up in Cork, gooseberries were in plentiful supply. My Aunt Nora lived in this austere property perched atop STRAWBERRY HILL,overlooking Cork City.
Surrounded by acres of gardens,we frequently pretended to be characters in "The Secret Garden" !! Hiding from My Uncle Paddy, who was not by any stretch of the imagination a friendly character,I snacked on gooseberries ! Green,hairy,tart gooseberries.....
A fruit that grows in abundance in Ireland, due to the lack of sunlight needed to grow these !! Typically they were harvested earlier in the year. Although tart, there are other varities that can be eaten straight from the bush. These are red in color.

GOOSEBERRY FOOL. One of my favorite desserts. Serve this with one of my RACHEL GAFFNEY SHORTBREADS.

1lb of gooseberries (take tops 'n tails off !) Half them
3/4 cup of sugar
Heavy Whipping Cream
1/3 Cup of sugar
Rachel Gaffney Irish Butter Shortbread.

In a medium saucepan,place gooseberries and sugar on low heat. Stir from time to time until soft. Then mash with a fork and cool completely. Next chill for an hour or so.
Whip cream and sugar together. Fold berries and cream.
Place 1 shortbread on a plate and spoon Gooseberry Fool on top.Top with some Rasperries/Strawberries for some color. Mmmmm Enjoy.

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  1. Hey Rach,
    I find it so interesting that in the course of our conversation yesterday, I brought up all of your topics purely by coincidence. I just read your previous blogs, and had no idea you were going to Ogonquit, didn't know about the sugar, butter, flour blog, and so on and so forth. I think it's a super cool and groovy omen that I am thinking along your thoughts for supporting the birth of your brand in a tour de force kind of way Super exciting, and great entries on your life and love of all good things. Super loved your quote from mum, on show me your friends, and i'll show you who you are. Right on. Talk soon, and happy Saturday.