Thursday, June 4, 2009


Some days you just have to end your day,throw your arms up in the air and say.............!!

Well, I'll just leave that to your own imagination !!!

Welcome to the life of an ENTREPRENEUR....but not only that ,welcome to the life of RACHEL GAFFNEY,the mum of 2 boys,as an ENTREPRENEUR !!

There are people in business, people that work, business owners and then there are what I call the TRUE ENTREPRENEURS. These are the people that are true innovators. Wont take no for an answer. Want to find a bigger,better perhaps simpler way. Bootstrapping their way along and dealing with challenges and obstacles that business books and classess quite frankly DO NOT prepare you for !!

I am entereing a recipe contest sponsored by the FOOD NETWORK.Deadline is this weekend.

So,time is of the essence here. I really didn't need any distractions. Being a Mum there are many.
My youngest, Matthew is 11 going on 94 ! Somewhat of a Recalcitrant....!! I wonder where he gets that from..!!
He is a great example for up and coming sales people. He just DOES NOT know how to take no for an answer. Constantly renegotiating,handling objections extremely well and creatively !
He wants to make his own smoke bombs. He needs to use Potassium Nitrate.
He has asked his father if he would buy him some. The reply from my British husband was "Not if he wanted his father to be listed as the new unibomber !!'

We explained and that was it. Or so we thought. He went on a bike ride the other day to CVS. He met with the pharmacist and chatted with him. He then came home and asked if I needed to purchase more heating pads for my next ski trip as there were only 2 left on the shelf at $7 a piece. Ah the innocence and the logic. Perhaps I should stock up now?
You see, when split open and separated from the liquid...what do you find? Yes,Potassium Nitrate . Proud that I had uncovered and foiled his plot I moved on.

That weekend I spent time in the Garden removing old debris,shrubs and weeds. Matthew wanted to come with me to the Garden Centre. Being the good boyscout he wanted to help me. Knowing the workings of this criminal mind (takes one to know one !!) I asked why.

He thought I should buy some Stump Removal. Good Idea. But why?
Because,it is 99% potassium Nitrate.
Now, if that doesn't speak to ways of engaging the brain,doing your research and finding a better way, then I just dont know what is! It is my job as his parent to harness and guide this gift for the better use of us all. Although,not a straight A student, I will take this creative intelligence anyday. He is without a doubt my little man, whom I adore. He is Matthew.

Oh and by the way I did also manage to complete the cooking segment for the competition. Another reason why mums make it happen !!!

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