Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well,the countdown is on. 12 more days before the Dreamers meet in New York ! What began as a simple idea has spun into what can only be described as 'Charlottes Web'
Each and every woman, around the country has toiled away in their own area of expertise. In my earlier ramblings I talked about how this group of 'Dreamers' decided to meet in New York. We are now 12 days away from this event. On Tuesday Jan 19th I will be teaching a cooking class in Martha Stewart Omnimedia's building in Chelsea along with Lisa Umansky from Polka Dot Pound Cake
During the cooking class we will be making food that will be served for an 'Afternoon Tea' that afternoon for all 40 Dreamers and for the women from the 'Safe Horizon' shelter in New York.
This afternoon is one that should be filled with promise,inspiration and even a few tears, I should suspect.
Through the Martha Stewart web site 'Dreamers Into Doers'we have all gotten to know each other just a litle bit more.
I know that Terry Grahl, who lives in Michigan,began 'Enchanted Makeovers' ,forsaking her succesful Interior Design business for those that needed a new start.
I know that Peggy Gaffney,my namesake has visited Ireland with a group of nuns and has shared her wonderful memories with me.!I know too that Peggy, who owns Kanine Knits will be speaking at the event talking about her experience , turning a struggle into a profit
Just yesterday, I spoke with Kathy Hamrick in West Virginia. Kathy owns Ms Mollys Appalachian Salsa. We initially spoke, because I will be using her wonderful Salsa & her hot peppered jelly with nice warm fresh Irish Soda Bread. I think it's ok for me to say that we connected on so many more levels. We are both mothers of 2 boys and Kathy has the years of experience that simply left me wanting more. Kathy has had her hardships too. We have both experienced what it is truely like to stay TRUE to your product. So many ways of making it cheaper, or so they tell us!!! If , of course we dont use REAL ingredients. Kathy has experienced personal injury in her own life, leaving her with a disability and a formidable spirit.
Jolene Mack, located in PA runs many businesses including her event planning business and her infamous Bed & Breakfast bungalow 'Quite The Stir' in historic Gettysburg.
Jolene too, has a formidable spirit. Funny how we are all intertwined, or is it?
Just last December, I visited Minneapolis to teach a cooking class in 'Lunds & Byerly's' culinary school. Prior to the class, I had lunch with the fabulous Kim Lampe aka 'The B*A*G Lady'
Kim is connected to Terry in Michigan etc etc etc...AND NOW we are ALL connected.
OK,I surely met my sister ! The secret is out, I discovered that Kim shares the same fettish as me, yes you guessed it we both have this insatiable desire,need & lust for RUBBER !!!!!!!!!! When I was pregnant with my second, I used to wander through the car tire department in Sears just to touch,feel and smell the rubber. Now, how we discovered this about each other, I will surely never know.
This is of course,is just the beginning of the journey. I have a feeling this will evolve even more. There are more Dreamers, many more Dreamers and donors and sponsors,whom I will get to soon. Keep Dreaming people...just keep dreaming.


  1. Thank you Rachel for all your love and support!! YOU GO GIRL!!

    Keep the Faith,
    Terry ox

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I'm sometimes a bit late checking in...but I'm here and I'm in awe of your blog, your business, and your energy.

    I've had shortbread from all over the world, I must have a try at yours...sounds like the real thing. I adore shortbread.

    Is your product in the Publix markets by chance. Nashville,TN or Huntsville, AL.
    I'm so happy for you and all the good stuff that is coming your way...more power to you girl !

    Love the blog !

    Keep's the spice of life~

    Bea Kunz