Sunday, March 28, 2010


Recently, I visited New York to appear on 'The Martha Stewart Show". March 16th to be precise.
The night before the show,Lauren Braun Costello, friend and Author of 'Notes On Cooking' and 'The Competent Cook'took me for dinner.
What a dinner it was. Our shared love of those molluscs they call Mussels was more than indulged at 'Flex Mussels'
Growing up in Cork,Southern Ireland, mussels were abundant. As a young child I used to throw them against rocks to watch them explode. At times they merely bounced back in to the sea ! Now, living in Dallas,Texas,I cringe at the thought of the waste.
The Blue Mussel is a native of Irish waters. Our temperate climate is ideal for them to thrive in the cold water. Mussels are fast becoming more and more popular,for their sweet meaty taste. They are packed with protein and easy to prepare.

'Flex Mussels'located in the Upper East side is a gem of a restaurant. Lauren and I shared a goat cheese salad with simple greens,roasted beets,candied walnuts,apples and a citrus vinaigrette.
They (Flex Mussels) source their mussels fresh from Prince Edward Island,Canada.
Like Mussels in Ireland,these too are cultivated. Why is this a good thing?
Unlike the mussels I had as a young child, the mussels are grown on a vertical rope/strand which means they do not touch the seabed. They tend to be free of grit and sand !
For my entree, I had Bombay Mussels. They came in a large pot,infused with Indian Curry,garlic,cinnamon,star anise and white wine. An abundant suppply of fresh bread made for lots of dipping !
For dessert we ate their famous home made doughnuts. Rarely does a meal leave me so happy and suffering from such withdrawal ! I urge you to try 'Flex Mussels' 174 E82nd St, NY

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