Sunday, January 30, 2011


Once Upon a time there was a girl who lived in Boston...............Before I proceed, let me explain. In this day and age of negative press, recession and reality shows that tend to thrive on humiliating people there are so many people out there working extremely hard , being kind and simply sharing with others. This is one of those stories.
This time last year I met Ann Marie Maxwell from Enterprise Ireland. A government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish Enterprises in world markets. I had begun my business in 2001 here in the U.S with the plan to build a brand. 'Rachel Gaffney's Real Ireland' has now become the Irish Lifestyle Company I had envisioned back then, well it's on the right path anyway !
Ann Marie listened over time and managed to connect the dots by introducing me to the people I was looking for.
I know that you all know what I am talking about when you meet people who do their job because it's 'their job' and then people who 'take pride in their work'. Huge difference. Puala Chase and Ann Marie Maxwell are two such people. They worked around the clock, enthusiasm never waning. I loved watching how excited and happy they were for everyone.Their enthusiasm was contagious. Every day I needed to check in to the Media Lounge just to see Paula smile. These two ladies represent Enterprise Ireland well but even more so...they are the ambassadors that Ireland needs today. It was my honor and pleasure to get to know them.


  1. That's lovely...we need more things written like this in the world, appreciative and kind!

  2. Great to hear Rachael - so important that Enterprise Ireland was such a help to you - so important to help American businesses bring our beautiful Irish products to new consumers!