Thursday, May 19, 2011


Cork City, Ireland's 2nd City and my home plays host to Her Majesty the Queen on Friday May 20th 2011. Although I am many many miles away from home living over here in the United States, I am brimming with pride, bursting with joy and so incredibly happy for the people in Cork. The Queen will visit the historical 'English Market' located in the heart of the city. Doors opened to this market over 223 years ago in 1788.
During my final year in school, I attended a school in Washington Street Cork, known then as Doctor Paye's and every day I walked along the Grand Parade, through the doors of the 'English Market' to use it as a shortcut to get to Oliver Plunkett Street. I have to admit, there were days when the smell of the fish just made me move a little faster. Stalls were brimming with fresh produce, fresh eggs, butcher's counters , breads, poultry , home made sausages and cheeses. This was, as I mentioned, an everyday occurrence , so the word 'Foodie' was never uttered. It didn't even exist back then. No, indeed, this was the norm !

Last June, I revisited and spent the afternoon browsing, smelling and sampling. What a difference a decade makes......oh ok then a few decades make ! I ate lunch upstairs in the famous 'Farmgate Restaurant' . One thing I always notice and indeed miss when I return home for a visit is the incredible vibrancy in Cork City. The streets are always busy, and on this day the English Market was equally as busy. You know that lovely sound of people chatting, bustling, vendors calling is simply happening.

The Queen will tour this historic place and be presented with a basket filled with goodies from the 'English Market'. Would you like to know whats in the basket.................?


  1. It is all very exciting! Was in Dublin yesterday and just missed the Queen on the N7. The English Market is one of Ireland's wonderful food treasures- I was in heaven when I visited- and I posted about it on my blog too-

  2. I enjoyed filming there this fall singing about Irish Food... And of course, I do ALL my shopping at the Cork English Market!!