Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I , or rather we, have lived in our current home since moving from Chicago to Dallas in August 2001. Over the years I have watched as people have transformed their homes into the most beautiful places to live. I have always had a picture in my head as to how I would like my home to look. I want it to reflect who we are. In other words , I don't like to hang things on the walls that don't have any meaning to us. I want the home to be just that, a home. A place that we live in. A place, that is constantly evolving. I knew I was going to need some help. At the same time, I never wanted to simply pay someone to 'decorate' my home. So, for years it was left on the back burner, ideas simmering. Now that pot has been brought to the front burner !

Throughout my travels over the last few years I have met some wonderful people. One of those people was a fashion designer in New York. Shelly Lloyd is a graduate of 'Parsons School of Design'. She spent two years working and living in Madrid, Spain as a designer for the famous 'Induyco' Brand. I knew that Shelly was very influenced by her world travel. I noticed that she had collected items from her travels and they were showcased beautifully and told a wonderful story, unlike me, where my collectibles are gathering dust! I told Shelly how much I wanted to bring our English/Irish lifestyles into our homes. (My husband being from England !)

Prior to her move to Dallas, Shelly worked for twelve years in New York as a designer for 'Ralph Lauren' sportswear Purple Label and the 'Polo Collection'. Following that, she worked as a designer for the 'Tommy Hilfiger' sportswear brand. When Shelly and I chatted over coffee she told me that she moved a lot as a child and so began her love of house design. Between her formal design education, world travel, experience with famous designers and her experience with textiles mills worldwide, her love of color then developed and evolved.

Now, Shelly has begun a new chapter of her career setting up her own design company. Allow me to introduce you to 'LEDAIRE INTERIORS'
Shelly has a different view of how it should be done. When I asked her what she was going to do differently, Shelly told me that just like fashion and style, it is always moving,changing and evolving. Shelly loves to "find new ways to bring things together"
I knew that Shelly could help me. We have already had our first two meetings. What I wasn't prepared for was that her process was just like the process I went through ten years ago designing my company logo. Back then the designers spent a lot of time asking me about me. Where I went to school, my pastimes, my summer vacations etc. Shelly spent a lot of time learning about me. Afterall, this home is for us ! Shelly has just completed projects in Florida and California for clients with South American and European backgrounds that like me want to carry their cultures and traditions into their homes in an understated way.

I am going to Ireland in June and I have been assigned a task by Shelly. To look for anything that catches my eye, a fabric sample, an Irish design, a pillowcase, ribbon, old blanket, see? ANYTHING that catches my eye. Shelly has already prepared a mood board and design for my home, so I cannot wait to see this. I also have another task, which I hate doing, but that is for me to start the clearing process, get rid of what we don't want, either donate, sell on Craigs List and to gather all the items we may want to repurpose ! In order to be accountable I have agreed to document and photograph this process. June 13th is my next meeting with Shelly Lloyd and procrastination and I are very good friends so I had better get to work !

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