Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today is my day. It is my favorite day. It is national raspberries n cream day.It is my pleasure and duty to pay homage to that glorious fruit, the raspberry !
If I were stranded on a dessert island and could choose one fruit, the raspberry is the one I choose. I even love the seeds. When I bring raspberries home from the store, my oldest son, James, who is almost 17 tries to beat me to them and will inhale one container whilst standing there. Therefore I have to buy at least two at a time !

It is by no means a task for me to celebrate the fruit today. I will gladly purchase more and eat them tonight for dessert out of respect for this national holiday ! Mind you, I have not seen Hallmark cards for this day. I may have to contact them about that and straighten it out!

These luscious fruits are grown on canes in Ireland. Wicklow and Wexford counties are profuse with these. Raspberry jam, Raspberry coulis, Raspberry crumble, Raspberry tart or simply popping them in my mouth just because , are the many ways I eat them. As today is raspberry n cream day then here's a suggestion for you.

Raspberry Fool

Heavy Whipping Cream
Vanilla Extract
A little powdered sugar

Whip the cream, add a little vanilla and powdered sugar to taste.
Add 3/4 of your raspberries to a blender with a little powdered sugar and blend. Pass this mixture through a sieve to remove the seeds (especially for elderly people, their dentures hate them!)
Fold this mixture into your whipped cream.
I kept my sundae glasses in the freezer until ready to serve. Then add your mixture and top with remaining raspberries. I served mine with my home made Irish butter shortbreads.

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