Friday, January 23, 2009

The next client was all the way North in the great state of Minnesota. Little shock to the system,living in Dallas and working in Minneapolis/St Paul in the winter !!!
Lunds & Byerlys a chain of grocery stores throughout the twin cities decided to have RACHEL GAFFNEYS TRADITIONAL IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREADS grace their shelves.
Their flagship store,located in St Louis Park has become my second home now !
Both staff and customers remind me so much of home.

We have held Irish cooking classes in their culinary school and they have turned in to a fun and educational hour about Ireland. Last time I held "An Irish Favorites " class.
Joan Donatelle (Culinary School) and I cooked up a storm. This is where the Ireland I know and the Ireland of long ago mesh to make a great tapestry. We made Irish Blue cheese stuffed mushrooms,with an Irish Whiskey Marmalade sauce, Guinness Irish stew,followed by my own recipe for Irish cheeseecake using Baileys Irish Cream and RACHEL GAFFNEYS SHORTBREADS CRUMBLED to make a delicious crust. These are fun and should try it sometime.........

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