Monday, January 26, 2009

So, today we agreed (Joan Donatelle & I ) to have more cooking classes in the Culinary School in Byerlys St Louis Park on March 6th & March 7th.
My good friend Margaret Johnson is a noted cookbook author. She is certainly no stranger to writing,having penned for 'Los Angeles Times',Dublins 'Food &Wine'. Margaret lives in New York and has published several cookbooks including one of my favorites "the Irish Spirit". So that being said I think I will make Lamb Follain. This word is from the irish word,wholesome. Yes,Irish word. This is entirely another language. It is not English with an Irish accent as most people have asked me !!!

Irish or Gaeilge is studied in school in Ireland as soon as you begin school and is a mandatory subject all the way through. There are regions in Ireland known as Gaeltacht Regions or Irish speaking regions. One of such regions is off the West Coast of Ireland. The Aran Islands. I once spent a whole weekend there with friends. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Breathtaking.

So to honour these regions we will make all things wholesome and good................
The up coming menu will be posted soon. Margaret has visited such regions also,perhaps she can share her experience with us??

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