Thursday, April 23, 2009


Going to bed with worry on your mind,stress,your next move etc can take its toll. I know only all too well !
Exciting as it is, running your own business, it comes with all the other baggage you would rather do without !

So last Friday,this 5ft 8 Red Head decided to take yoga a little more seriously.
It was WONDERFUL. So much so that I felt it necessary to return Saturday morning to a "Hip Opener " class.

I learned that yoga taught me so much about my business or rather how to cope with stress. I don't mean relax, I mean I LEARNED a lot.

1) By exhaling with absolute and definite sound/noise , you are in fact ridding yourself of the buyer who was un-neccessarily rude to you, the lost package, the unpaid bill, the customer who has folded etc. At first I felt ridiculous !! Everyone else was doing it so I did it more and more and then found I didn't want to stop.!!

2) During one of the poses (don't ask me which one !) Suze, our instructor told us to hum, or at the very least to make a vibrating noise in our throat. This is really good for your heart. When you do this, you release Nitric Oxide. This is essential for healthy blood flow. It feels really really silly at first but really really good!

3) One of the people in the class gave Suze a glaring look as she did not like the pose and she simply said to her "Your look is bouncing off me, I'm in a bubble" Great advice. Acknowledge,how you are feeling during that sticky situation and then let it pass on by.

4) Hip Openers.....ow !! Boy did I have vivid dreams !! I had to remain in some pretzel like position for 5 mins. It was so uncomfortable (not painful) that I was about to stop and take a rest when as if by witchcraft Suze came and stood by me and said that we were to acknolwdge the discomfort we were feeling and to continue to feel it...just like in life we want to run away from feeling unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings. We prefer pleasure. Of course! This time we need to stay in the moment,feel the discomfort,face it ,if you will, then when its over we enjoy the pleasure. This is my goal for the next few weeks..........Facing my DISCOMFORTS in my business...feeling them,dealing with them and then moving on to the next adventure.


  1. I love your analogy to yoga and business. Great insight and a good twist turning not such fun things to good ones. Touche!

  2. Thanks Laura.....I'm just really brilliant !!! lol...