Friday, April 17, 2009


1- Spiced Beef is a very traditional dish , especially around Christmas Time in Cork. I loved it so much that when I lived in London,I decided to make it myself. Saltpetre is a must for this. Of course only available in chemists as it also used for making explosives. So here I was, an Irish woman,in the height of the IRA bombings looking for SALTPETRE in London ! "Honest,I want to cook with it "

2- I asked my teacher Sr Rosario, when she was giving us the talk about vocations what to look out for if we thought we wanted to become a nun. She told me, if I thought God was calling me, to run away! Refused by the convent at a time when nuns were in extremely short demand!

3- My mum was very determined that we read a lot. Quotes were also very important as she thought they would be of great use for essay writing. I found an old book in a box in the garage. I found a quote and decided to learn it and impress her. Boy did I impress her....
" A man in the house is worth two on the street" Mae West.

4- In English class the teacher asked us to use gossamer in a sentence. I did. I said it was found in a little packet , often in your medicine cabinet . Again, I had no idea what it was but upon revealing to my mother that I had announced this in Catholic school she was horrified.!!!

To put the record straight,she had been given them by a doctor after child number 4 and never used them !!!!!!!

5- On holiday in Ardmore,Co Waterford, my friend and I had been out late one night. Lets just say a little TOO late! Sneaking back in without anyone hearing us was short lived. I discovered that bats like to use the eaves of our porch !

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