Friday, July 31, 2009


The last few days I have been talking about cheese and cheesecake as yesterday was National Cheesecake Day !! There will be a day for everything soon !
The key ingredient or common denominator here is MILK. More importantly IRISH MILK.
As some of you already know I began RACHEL GAFFNEY'S AUTHENTIC IRISH GOODS with a passion & mission. To educate & entertain people about the REAL IRELAND that I know and love.

Yes, it is indeed steeped in tradion,history and culture. Films such as 'The Quiet Man' have their place. However, people we are NOT still dancing at the crossroads. We do in fact have running water and electricity. Don't get me wrong, I strongly agree with the words of Edmund Burke "People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors"

We are today a product of our past. In getting to this point we have become a nation known for its exquisite natural ingredients. Namely the Land & The Sea. If you have been to Ireland then hopefully you will have tasted for yourself what I refer to. As some of you know one of my products is IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREADS. I only use the finest ingredients for these. Namely Flour,Butter and Sugar (You always list your heaviest ingredient first for pacaking!)
The butter I use is KERRYGOLD UNSALTED BUTTER. If you have not tried this butter then you simply just have NOT LIVED yet.

The cattle in Ireland are grass fed. We have heard many times about the 'Green Green Grass'
Ireland has a temperate climate,which in turn yields this magnificent pasture. When you open a block of KERRYGOLD BUTTER, you will be blinded by the light!! It is in actual fact bright yellow or GOLD. Perhaps this is the pot at the end of the rainbow, well at least for me it is anyway. March this year I was on SHOWCASE MINNESOTA (KARE11) talking about this butter. Even Rob,the host,noticed the smell and colour. You can watch the video by cicking on the link.

KERRYGOLD has this colour because of the natural beta carotene. It is NOT an additive. You can find this butter all over the U.S now. Whole Foods,Central Market,Lunds & Byerly's in Minnesota. Wegmans,Trader Joes. So you see it is indeed widely available. Baking with it is incredible. Your baked goods will be flakier. Try it and see how people notice the difference. You can get Salted or unsalted. Eating on a slice of toast,Irish Soda bread,Bagutte etc is simply a little slice of Irish Heaven...............Let me know what you think

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