Thursday, August 20, 2009


Seems as though I fell off the face of the earth and in a way I did! My kids went back to school yesterday and the preparations filled my days. Now that they are back , it reminds me of my own back to school days in Ireland in early September. At this moment in time I know where I would rather be. IRELAND...........WHY? Heritage Week is from Aug 22nd- Aug 30th. So any of you planning a trip to Ireland during this week there is plenty on offer.

The Council of Europe and European Union put together Heritage Week every year. Over 40 countries participate. The goal is to "To build awareness of our built,natural and cultural heritage thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation"

Ireland has its kick off on Saturday August 22nd in "Kilkenny Castle"
This magnificent castle is perched strategically on the River Nore. Built in the 12th Century, it will be home to the opening of Heritage Week. What a week they have planned.
The castle alone is a sight to behold, from touring the castle to roaming the excuisite gardens.

Clodagh McKenna, Irelands Chef and Tv personality will be there to conduct Cooking Demonstrations. Clodagh shares the same passion and belief as me as she is a strong supporter of "SLOW FOOD"
Slow Food promotes sustainable agriculture and is a celebration of local food and its producers globally. There is a chapter in almost every city throughout the world now.

Clodagh has recently launched her own line of 50's style aprons in Ireland that are bright , fun and whimsical ! Maybe we should get them here?! Clodagh is a fellow Cork Woman, and was in fact my next door neighbor as a kid !!

If food and cooking is not quite your thing, perhaps pottery is? The famous Nicholas Mosse will be on hand to talk on August 27th about the history of the mill and pottery in Bennetsbridge, Kilkenny.

The week is packed with events such as "Story telling" , Dry Stone walling and Stone Carving, Butter Making (my favorite !) thatching and even Hurley Making (Hurley is a sport in Ireland)
Perhaps Whale Watching? This happens on August 23rd throughout Ireland.
You can go to this web site ,
choose the County in Ireland you wish to visit and see the list of events for the week.
If you go............Send me a Postcard !!!

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